How it Works

Shopwyre lets you add the products you love and rely on to your online shopping basket - from anywhere and with a single click.

Gone are the days when you need to rummage around for your shopping list or scribble items on the back of an old envelope... only to forget to pick them up when you go shopping anyway!

How it Works
See a product you like - on a website, in a magazine, at a friend's house... - or need to stock up on.
Click on the Shopwyre button or use your mobile phone to add the product to your basket
If you're a first time user, we'll ask you to choose your preferred store and enter your login details for that store. Next time you use Shopwyre, we'll remember these details so you won't have to enter them again.
Add the product to your basket. Pay for the product the next time you shop and checkout your basket. And voila, wait for the delivery man to ring the bell!

Is it safe?

Security is of utmost importance to us. At no point does Shopwyre ever receive, handle or store credit card information. We receive and transmit sensitive information like a shopper's login password using secure channels and we never store this information.

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