Consumer goods and the eCommerce challenge

With the rise of online grocery shopping and the evolution of a world in which consumers are increasingly online and on-the-go, consumer goods brands have entered a new age of eCommerce.

I fancy trying that!  In fact I wish I could add it to my basket here and now so I don't forget...

Today, consumer goods brands invest heavily in creating engaging content across their digital and real-world brand assets - the brand website, video ads, print and poster ads, TV commercials, packaging...

This content goes a long way in achieving objectives like building customer relationships, communicating the brand image and raising product/brand awareness.

But what it isn't doing is closing the loop and providing consumers with an opportunity and call to action to buy products there and then, at the moment when they are engaged with the brand. And that means missed opportunities to both drive and track sales through key marketing channels.

Brands in categories like clothing and electronics can rely on traditional eCommerce to drive sales from these channels. 

The challenge for FMCGs however is that traditional eCommerce platforms require people to input payment details and await a special delivery - a disproportionate time commitment for items which are typically low-ticket and which consumers are in any case accustomed to buying at supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers.

Shopwyre is the missing piece of the puzzle. It is a non-transactional platform which lets consumers add products to their basket at any retailer with a single click, from any marketing touchpoint and on an 'add now, pay later' basis.

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